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Detectamet manufactures in the UNITED KINGDOM.


Perfect Reasons to use Detectamet New Detectable Products

detectable products from detectamet Detectamet New Metal Detectable Products are cost effective especially when compared to a product recall.
detectable products from detectamet Detectamet New Detectable Pens can be detected on all conventional metal detection and X-Ray systems.*
detectable products from detectametDetectamet New X-Ray Detectable Products can be used as part of HACCP Plan – (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points).

Due to the ever present risk of contamination from conventional products, the Detectamet New Detectable Product range can offer simple solutions to many of the contamination issues faced in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

* results may vary depending upon the sensitivity of metal detection used

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Detectamet Detectable Products
Detectamet Detectable Products

ISO 9001 Accreditation

Metal Detectable Vinyl Glove

Detectable Products manufactured here in the UK by Detectamet.

There are over a million cases of food poisoning in the world each year. The most common illnesses are caused by just a handful of bacterial culprits. The use of Food Safe Detectable Gloves when handling food is one way of controlling the risk of spreading bacteria from your hands to food. Are you using Detectaglove to protect your customers?


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Detectamet Ltd (formerly E-Components and Chains Ltd) of Pocklington, York, United Kingdom specialise in the design, manufacturer and supplier of Detectable Products, Metal Detectable Products, Metal Detectable Polythene, Metal Detectable Plastics, New Detectable Plastic Products, New Metal Detectable Plastic Products.


Detectamet™ materials have been developed to help the food and pharmaceutical industry comply with new global regulations to protect consumers.

Detectamet New Detectable Products give manufacturer's the opportunity to use cost-effective, functional, ergonomic implements that are safe for or approved for food-contact use. A key feature of the products manufactured from these materials is that fragments are detected and rejected by standard in-process metal detection & X-Ray equipment.

The registered trade name "Detectamet" is a complete range of items: such as Metal Detectable Plastic Pens, Metal Detectable Plastic Marker Pens, Metal Detectable Food Handling Utensils, Metal Detectable Hairnets, Metal Detectable Vinyl Gloves, Metal Detectable Earplugs, Metal Detectable Safety Knives, Safety Knives Metal Detectable Plastic Storage, Mixing and Handling Equipment, including a wide range in Stainless Steel 316 and 304 grade.

We specialise in the manufacture of a wide range of Stainless Steel Clipboards, Stainless Steel Ringbinders, Stainless Steel Recipe Cards, Aluminium Clipboards, Aluminium Ring Binders, Aluminium Ringbinders, Aluminium Flipcharts.

Our Engineering department can supply all your requirements for new metal detectable engineering plastics, rubbers etc that are manufactured to the highest standard/specification and are backed by many years experience gained within the Bottling, Canning, Beverage, pharmaceutical, Food Packaging Industries etc.

We pride ourselves in offering what we believe is a service second to none to the global market, coupled with our commitment to quality and innovation in design. All of these factors ensure you benefit with greater enhanced productivity at minimal cost to yourselves. 

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Detectamet Ltd is actively seeking distributors for the Detectamet Brand of New Detectable Products in Germany and France.




Detectamet Ltd now has now appointed distributors for the Detectamet Brand of products in the following countries:

UK Poland New Zealand South Africa
Ireland Netherlands Australia USA
Italy Spain Portugal Turkey
Denmark Mexico Canada Germany

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