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**NEW** Detectable Full Head Balaclava Hood Protection




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Detectable Disposable Balaclava Hood - Blue 441-T009-P01
Detectable Disposable Balaclava Hood - Red 441-T009-P03
Detectable Disposable Balaclava Hood - White 441-T009-P06
Detectable Reusable Balaclava Hood - White 441-T020-P06


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**NEW** Detectable Full Head Balaclava Hood Protection

Full head protection can be solved with the Detectanet™ range of Balaclava Hoods.

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Our lightweight breathable balaclava hoods are made in a lightweight polyester non woven fabric.

Detectamet's Detectable Balaclava Hood is extremely robust, ideal for those factories that are producing food products which make detection difficult due to the line settings and the packaging requirements, the Balaclava is ideal for the customer who wants a thicker hair covering for employees with long hair etc.

Many alternative products simply use a cheaper metalised tape which results in low detection or zero detection levels. Many alternative detectable mobcaps fail to meet the stringent quality checks in the food factories, causing loss of revenue to both distributors and end users and seriously damaging customer relations.

Disposable balaclava is available in Red, Blue and White and is supplied in packs of 100.

Reusable balaclava is available in White and is supplied in packs of 10.

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