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Detectable Zip Tie Mount for food industries







Detectable Zip Tidy
small 19mm x 19mm
Detectable Zip Tidy
large 28mm x 28mm



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Blue in color for easy visual detection, the screw fixing mounts can be secured to any surface to hold a zip tie in place. This screw fixing element means that the product does not require any adhesive backing, removing the risk of the adhesive becoming detached from the base and entering the manufacturing process undetected. The mounts also boast a high metal pigment, meaning that even small 'cut-off' pieces are detectable and they can be used as part of the HACCP process.

Suitable for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing industries, this new addition to Detectamet's metal detectable cable management range provides a more complete and comprehensive solution, now consisting of fastening, fixing and cable protection products even in areas of high vibration such as food manufacturing equipment and automated packaging machines.

  • • Distinctive blue colour for easy visual detection
  • • Simple to install with a screw or bolt
  • • Provides a secure fixing solution for routing cables, tubes and hoses
  • • 4-way entry of the zip tie for a quicker and more flexible installation
  • • Magnetic detectable - perfect for use with food and pharmaceutical grade detection equipment
  • • Total metal dispersion provides consistent detectability, even for small 'cut-off' pieces
  • • Greatly reduced risk of contamination within food products
  • • Suitable for use as part of HACCP processes.

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