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Reusable Detectable Document Fastener




Detectable Document Fastener


Detectable Document Fastener




Reusable Detectable Document Fastener 209-A65-A72-P01




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Reusable Detectable Document Fastener. We understand your dilemma of taking documents around the factory departments - no staples allowed, no paperclips allowed, the Detectamet Document Fastener is a safer way to overcome this problem.

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Manufactured from Detectamet Food Safe Detectable Plastic this unique product is capable of fastening up to 200 sheets of 75gm paper therefore eliminating the need for staples, paperclips etc.


Simply punch a hole through the sheets paper, push threaded part A through the hole directly into locking Part B.


Colours Available = Blue (other colours on request subject to minimum order quantity).


Detectamet Reusable Detectable Document Fasteners Offer The Following Benefits:

Enhanced Detectable Properties
Minimum Parts
Impact Resistance
User Friendly Design
Choice of Colours
Can be used as part of HACCP
Environmentally Friendly (manufactured from recycled detectable plastic)
Easy to clean
Tough & Durable
Eliminates the need for staples, paperclips etc
Will hold up to 200 Sheets of 75gm paper
Can cope with different paper thickness
Cost Effective
Can be used for various applications including tagging non-detectable items etc
Ideal for Food & Pharmaceutical Companies


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