Metal Detectable Heat Resistant Keyhole Loop Tags - Large






This test was conducted in a “neutral” environment and test results will vary in different factory environments.





Tags 48mm x 279mm (Available In: Blue, Red, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Green And White)


Per Roll of 500

Tags 50 x 279mm

Our most popular standard off the roll tag - pre printed

Tags 66.6 x 280mm




Locking Loop 50 x 279



Detectable on line – 50 Khz – 1 Mhz – 1mm sphere FE

Detectamet recommends that all products are tested in house and under your own factory conditions.

Results may vary

Detectamet standard keyhole tag features heat (up to 300°F/150°C) and strength resistance with all round durability - this tag will suit a wide range of applications.Ask yourself the question - if your answer is YES then read on!

1. Has 2005 EU Food Traceability Legislation affected your business?
2. Do you use a colour coded identification system?
3. Do you use non-metal detectable tags or labels?
4. Are you looking to install or change your current traceability system?
5. Are you looking to improve your current traceability system?


The **NEW** range of “Detectamet “ Loop Tags

have been specifically developed for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

We can offer a range of identification and traceability tags.


The “Detectamet” range of Tags allow small traces of label fragments to be detected, at any stage in the production process.


As well as detecting any actual contamination before delivery to its customers, food / pharmaceutical companies will also be able to use the range as a vehicle to print production and batch information, enabling complete tractability. Additional information can also be added to the Detectamet labels & tags in the range.


Detectamet Standard Keyhole Tag Standard - Is our most popular tag, with good heat, strength resistance and all round durability - this tag will suit 80% of applications.

Detectamet Tag is a multi laminate material used for tags designed for the food processing environments and detectable by end of line metal detectors.


Labels are produced in premium quality tear resistant material making them more robust than standard labels

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Tag Colour

Pantone Yellow, Pantone Orange, Red 032, Rhodamine

Red (Magenta),White, Blue 291, Green 382, Brown 125, & Black



Further information:

Offers a range of specialist materials, to cover all conditions and applications i.e. ovens, freezers, wet and chilled conditions

Labels and tags can be ordered from our standard ranges or customised to suit individual requirements


Resistant to delaminating (especially in acid products) Minimal swarf at perforation, Identification of products by wrapping around tray handles, but not intended for direct food contact.


Detectamet Tag has an 80g thermal transfer printable mid-gloss face paper on one side and an uncoated writing paper on the other side, sandwiching a special metal-detectable aluminum foil and a synthetic strengthening layer.

**NEW**Traceability / Coding or Batch Marking engraving service


We can mark many of our products with your own identifying codes - suitable items for this service are :




Safety Knives

Professional Knives


Tags and Labels

Clipboards and many more

To arrange a consultation please contact Adie Morris on 00 44 1759 304200 (UK)

*Please note there is an additional charge for this service