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Metal Detectable Hair Coverings Detectable Mob Cap





Detectable Mobcaps - Standard Blue (Pack 1000) 446-T009-P01-X32
Detectable Mobcaps - Standard Red (Pack 1000) 446-T009-P03-X32
Detectable Mobcaps - Standard Green (Pack 1000) 446-T009-P04-X32
Detectable Mobcaps - Standard Yellow (Pack 1000) 446-T009-P05-X32
Detectable Mobcaps - Standard White (Pack 1000) 446-T009-P06-X32
Detectable Mobcaps - Premium Blue (Pack 1000) 446-T010-P01-X32
Detectable Mobcaps - Premium Red (Pack 1000) 446-T010-P03-X32
Detectable Mobcaps - Premium Green (Pack 1000) 446-T010-P04-X32
Detectable Mobcaps - Premium Yellow (Pack 1000) 446-T010-P05-X32
Detectable Mobcaps - Premium White (Pack 1000) 446-T010-P06-X32


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Disclaimer: Detectamet recommend all products be tested in your environment to ascertain suitability. Information is supplied in good faith without warranty

Metal Detectable Disposable Mob Caps. Detectamet Ltd is now able to offer you a new range of Detectable Mobcaps, we are confident that these are far superior to other caps available on the market today.

Many alternative products simply use a cheaper metalised tape which results in low detection or zero detection levels, and show potential for the strip to break away causing potential contamination of food products. Many alternative detectable mobcaps fail to meet the stringent quality checks in the food factories, causing loss of revenue to both distributors and end users and seriously damaging customer relations.

We have 2 styles of Mobcap to offer our customers, using 2 types of detectable strip. Our Standard Mobcap and our Premium Mobcap

Standard Mobcap - being detectable at 34645 and a light shade of blue, offering good protection and to meet budget requirements without compromising on quality.

Premium Mobcap - being more detectable at 40505 and extremely robust, ideal for those factories that are producing food products which make detection difficult due to the line settings and the packaging requirements, this Mobcaps is ideal for the customer who wants a thicker hair covering for employees with long hair etc.

Our UK made, Premium Mobcaps are supplied at a higher cost against our Standard detectable mobcaps.

As experts in the field of Metal Detectable products we appreciate that one size does not always fit all! We believe that a "metal detectable" product should be detectable and suitable for purpose under all circumstances.

We strongly suggest that samples of both styles are supplied to enable factory tests before purchase.

The Detectamet metal detectable mobcap is a lightweight, nonwoven cap, available in 12 gsm spun bond coloured nonwoven in one standard size.
The cap is designed to give full head cover with all-around encapsulated single thread elastication (Polyproylene covered latex) and manufactured from a lightweight spun bond polypropylene.
Finished hat dimensions: 490mm width by 455 mm length (nominal)

These hats have been manufactured within the controls of ISO 9001:2000 and EFSIS standards.

**NEW**Detectamet Metal Detectable Mob Caps

Detectable metal foil strip impregnated into cap.
Suitable for many applications, especially in the food, catering and pharmaceutical industries.
One size fits all.




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Further information

PACKAGING (standard)
100 Mop caps to an inner printed polythene
10 x 100 Inners to an outer carton.

Is recognised to be generally non-allergic and over many years has been used in items in contact with skin. However, occasionally a sensitive subject could have a skin reaction.

Incinerated or land filled at a controlled site
Outer packaging can be recycled

Can be incinerated with energy recovery, incinerated or land filled at a controlled site
Polypropylene melts at 165 170 centigrade
Polypropylene degrades at 300 centigrade
Polypropylene self ignites at 570 centigrade
The products of combustion are mainly Carbon Monoxide; Carbon dioxide, Water and Carbon.