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Detectable Mouse Box

Detectable Mouse Box




Detectable Mouse Box 501-P01
Metal Key - to suit Detectable Mouse Box DTM 1138
Nylon Key - to suit Detectable Mouse Box  




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A traditionally sized box with a host of new features, many of which are exclusive to the Detectable Mouse Box. Larger and more enticing to mice.

Manufactured from Metal Detectable Plastic

New user-friendly locking system with a universal stainless steel key

Detachable lid for ease of servicing and record keeping

Internal fins securely hold the most popular blocks on the market

Feet on base will help to keep the box above water (e.g cleaners washing floors)

Fits onto the Insect Monitoring system to form an Integrated Monitoring/Control System

Can be used with a special Location Bracket when clipped to the Insect Monitor

Can be used with the Bait Box Security Shoe. The shoe allows the box to be secured to walls and floors. The box can only be removed by the technician once the box is open

Has asymmetrical internal baffles - preventing access by human fingers

Protected lock enhancing tamper resistance

Optional extra liner available for loose grain bait, wax and liquid bait

Optional bait rods to secure pasta baits

Combined key/cleaning brush available as optional extra

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