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Metal Detectable Hand & Machine Pallet Wrap




Metal Detectable Pallet Wrap

Metal Detectable Pallet Wrap

Metal Detectable Pallet Wrap

Metal Detectable Pallet Wrap

Metal Detectable Pallet Wrap




Detectable Hand Wrap
400mm x 200m x 30 micron
Detectable Machine Wrap
500mm x 800m x 30 micron




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The New Detectable Stretch Wrap offers the food industries a less risky means of tertiary packaging for bulk handling in food warehouse storage and shipping.

From recent internal industry reports on sources of physical contamination of food it was found that at least 34% of incidents involved process and product packaging. A number of these incidents occur when bits of stretch wrap, perhaps from incoming ingredients or from pallets, get into the process flow.

Several companies have asked Detectamet to supply them with detectable stretch wrap, and this has been of particular interest to ingredient suppliers wishing to help to protect their customers from accidental contamination. This has been a significant challenge for the meat and fish industries where block frozen supplies have been susceptible to polythene entrapment.

To help reduce the risk of food contamination Detectamet's Detectable Stretch Wrap is detectable by metal detector systems. A distinctive blue colouring distinguishes the detectable from the non-detectable film, and is an additional visual identification for contamination after use.

There are two roll sizes of Detectamet Detectable Stretch Wrap. The metal detectable hand wrap size is 400mm wide by 200 metres long and for wrapping by machines, the rolls are 500mm wide by 800 metres. The rolls can be ordered singly or in boxes that contain either 2 large size rolls in a box or 6 small rolls per box. The new wrap has been affirmed as satisfying the US and EU requirements for safe contact with food.

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