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Detectable Heavy Duty Pocket Knife




Detectable Pocket Knife

Detectable Heavy Duty Knife

Detectable Heavy Duty Knife

Detectable Heavy Duty Knife

Detectable Heavy Duty Knife




Detectable Pocket Knife - Lambsfoot Blade DTM 0333
Detectable Pocket Knife - Sheepfoot Blade DTM 0334
Detectable Pocket Knife - General Purpose Clip Point Blade DTM 0335
Detectable Pocket Knife - Pruning Blade DTM 0336




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Heavy Duty Locking Pocket Knife with Metal Detectable Handle.


Metal Detectable heavy duty knife with a razor sharp, taper ground blade in high carbon stainless steel.


The Detectamet Heavy Duty Locking Blade Pocket Knife has been designed to assist people in the Food and related industries to help them complete their work to the highest standard.


Please note that this is NOT A SAFETY KNIFE.


The heavy duty action knife has strong and durable handles made from metal detectable plastic and in blue colour for high visibility.


The blades are made from hardened and ground high carbon stainless steel and are available with safety locking features for ultimate control and minimum risk of injury.


Available with four different blade types:


Lambsfoot - Flat cutting edge, and a back that curves to the point

Sheepfoot - Straight edge and a straight dull back that curves towards the edge at the end. It gives the most control

General Purpose Clip Point - Pointed blade which is useful for piercing materials

Pruner - Curved Pruning blade which is sharpened on the concave edge.


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