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Metal Detectable Detectathane is part of a new series of polyester-based thermoplastic poly-urethanes (TPU), specifically targeted for extruded profiles, film and sheet applications. Metal Detectable TPU exhibits the excellent abrasion resistance and properties found with standard TPU, with the added benefit of being metal detectable.

Detectathane also conforms to FDA food contact directives and has been approved for use by the USDA. Detectathane is a range of Metal Detectable Thermoplastic polyurethane with excellent abrasion resistance and durability available in Profile extrusion, special profiles and flat extrusion format.

All belts can be heat welded for endless connections- cut to any shape required from sheet product.

Ideally suited for wear strips, chute linings, gaskets in food application where it is essential that any residue from the product is detected as part of quality control. Eliminating the possibility of release into the market etc...

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Sizes Available

Solid sections round TPU metal detectable
3mm Round Solid
3.5mm Round Solid
4mm Round Solid
4.7mm Round Solid
5mm Round Solid
6mm Round Solid
6.3mm Round Solid
7mm Round Solid
8mm Round Solid
9mm Round Solid
9.5mm Round Solid
10mm Round Solid
12mm Round Solid
12.5mm Round Solid
15mm Round Solid
18mm Round Solid
V Section - Solid V-Section belting
Z V Profile
A V Profile
B V Profile
C V Profile
Detectathane flat sheet
Thickness, 1220mm wide roll
500 micron Flat Sheet
1mm Flat Sheet
1.5mm Flat Sheet
2mm Flat Sheet
3mm Flat Sheet
5mm Flat Sheet








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