Detectamet Cryo Retractable Freezer Pens with Pressurized Refills

(Cryo Pen Suitable For Freezers / Cold Stores / Low Working Tempretures / High Working Tempretures / Writes On An Angle)



detectable pens for cold rooms
detectable pens for cold rooms

All Detectamet refills conform to ISO12757-2




ALL NEW Metal Detectable Super XP PENS (For coldstores and adverse conditions) Available In Blue and Black pressurised Ink* please state



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Whats New In Blue. New Metal Detectable Products. Plastico Detectable


Disclaimer: Detectamet recommend all pens be tested in your environment to ascertain suitability

Detectamet Pens are BRC Compliant Detectable Pens for Cold Environments.

"Super X" - Made using Detectamet's unique metal detectable polymer which is X-Ray visible and has the added bonus of an anti-microbial agent, as well as being extremely metal detectable.


"Pressurised Refill" - Detectamets highest grade refill. Ballpoint refill will continue to write until ink has run out in almost all conditions. Can write upside down, works in low or high temperatures

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Can write upside down- Ordinary ballpoints usually lose the will to write even when held horizontally.

Ideal for use in wet & greasy conditions- Ordinary ballpoints start skipping because the ball won't rotate properly or grease or water stops conventional ink sticking to the ball, a pressurised 'cryo' refill just keeps on working.

Write in very low temperatures- Useful in very cold weather conditions but also useful in commercial cold-storage. Ordinary pen ink will solidify, but a pressurised refill will keep going at minus 4 degrees fahrenheit.

The Detectamet Metal Detectable Pen housing is conforming to the standard Regulation EC 1935/2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food and repealing Directives 80/590/EEC and 89/109/EEC.


Detectamet “Super X” Pen Housings Offer The Following Benefits

Enhanced Detectable Properties

 X Ray Visible

 Minimum Parts

 Impact Resistance

 User Friendly Design

 Choice of Colours

 Can be used as part of HACCP

 Cost Effective

 Environmentally Friendly

 Easy to clean


Detectamet Super X Retractable Pens can be re-filled!

Detectamet Super X Retractable Pens can be branded with your company Logo / Contact details. (Minimum quantity)


Supplied with RED end cap as standard.

Use your Detectable Pen with Detectamet's Retractable Lanyard which are ideal for several different working environments waiters, waitresses, warehouse opperatives or anyone who just wants a pen handily available.


Ink Colour     Housing Colour


Elephant Pen Refill

Detectable Pen Guide


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Detectamet "Super X" Pens are available in Blue, Red, Green & Yellow housings with the choices of Blue, Black, Red and Green Ink.



Further information:

The life of each refill is dependent on personnel usage but the write out length is 8000 metres.

Can be refilled

Can be re-cycled by returning back to Detectamet your old housings we can grind and recycle this material for you.

Approximate shelf life 18 months

Store at room temperature.

Sold in bags of 25 units or 50 units

Colours can be mixed.

Customer Feedback

From: xxxxx
To: Adie Morris
Sent: 10 January 2012 17:03

Hi Adie,

Your pens tested really well in our manufacturing environment and were well received by our production personnel. I have been asked repeatedly by production personnel if I have any more of your pens. The pens that we have currently in use are supplied by one of your competitors have a failure rate of approximately 25% within days of being introduced into our manufacturing environment.

We have not experienced any failures of the Detectamet pens prior to the pen running out of ink.


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