Detectasil® Detectable Silicone Caulk Sealant




Detectable Silicone Sealant
Own Branding Available
XRay Visible Silicone sealant



Detectasil® Detectable Silicone Sealant
310ml Tube - Blue
DTM 0617 B
Detectasil® Detectable Silicone Sealant
310ml Tube - White
DTM 0617 W


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Detectasil® Detectable Silicone Caulk Sealant Features

Detectasil® from Detectamet is a detectable silicone caulk sealant that can be 'seen' by metal and X-ray detection systems in the food industry. The sealant is used in structural fitting and equipment installation and reduces the risk of undetected contamination of food products.

Available in white or blue, and the 310ml tube fits standard applicators. The detectable additive tastes nasty to rodents and deters them from eating the sealant after application.

It has good performance and can be applied in temperatures from + 5°C to + 50°C, and when cured it will operate at a Service Temperature: - 30°C to + 150°C.

Detectasil® is Neutral Cure, which offeres better adhesive properties for a greater number of materials including PVC-U, most other plastics, glass, aluminum, lead, stone and masonry, and Polycarbonate.

Unopened Detectasil® will store for 12 months, and early indicators are that it will have a long service life.

  • • Detectable by standard metal and X-ray detection systems
  • • Designed for use in temperatures from -30°C to +150°C
  • • Neutral Cure
  • • Unpalatable to rodents
  • • Designed for use with a standard applicator gun
  • • Suitable applications include windows & doors, wall panels, machinery, finishing, worktops & laminates and basins & other sanitary ware.
  • • Colours available: Blue & White (other colours available on request subject to minimum oreder quantities).

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