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Earplug Storage Box

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Food Safe Detectable Plastic Storage Box. ** New ** Detectamet Food Safe Detectable Plastic Storage Box

Food Safe Detectable Storage Box For Varied Uses.

The box is manufactured from our unique high impact resistant metal detectable plastic, it  has 3 drain holes (2 in the bottom and 1 in the top) to assist with drainage, for items such as ear plugs after they have been washed etc. The storage box is also a fantastic way of keeping items such as keys and money which can all carry bacteria when loose in pockets and also be a risk of foreign body contamination to the food factory line.

Storage Box is available with or without chain.

Available Branded or Unbranded (Minimum Order Quantities apply for own branded)

Colours = Blue, Red, Green, Yellow & White

Can accommodate Split Ring & Safety Chain attachments.

Remember:         Keep it clean – Stop infection - Stop Contamination.

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