Metal Detectable 2-in-1 Touch Screen Ballpoint Pen



detectable touch screen pen
detectable 2-in-1 stylus
detectable retractable ballpoint stylus

Touch screen Pen 121-T202-C101-I01

Disclaimer: Detectamet recommend all pens be tested in your environment to ascertain suitability

The 2-in-1 detectable touch screen stylus with twist action retractable ballpoint pen is a universal stylus pen that is compatible with devices such as Android phones & tablets as well as devices with a capacitive touch screen like the iPhone & iPad.


Using the detectable touch screen pen can keep your screen free from scratching, fingerprint marks & smudges. It comes with a retractable ball pen on the other end, so you can write conveniently without the worry of loosing the your pen cap. Clip design can be clipped in your pocket, book, diary, etc. convenient to carry.

  • * Available in Blue Housing Color
  • * Convenient pen shape
  • * Doubles as a traditional ballpoint pen
  • * Durable and responsive tip
  • * Helps avoid fingerprints and smudges
  • * Pocket clip
  • * Twist action mechanism eliminates the hassle of a    cap
  • * Works on all capacitive touch screens.

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