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JUNE 2011

Detectamet Launch X-Ray Visible/ Detectable "Detectathene Super XD Engineering Plastic"

As part of their on going Research and Development Programme and commitment in providing solutions to the Food & Pharmaceutical Industries in the battle to help prevent and avoid foreign body contamination, Detectamet of Pocklington UK are pleased to announce the launch of "Detectathene Super XD Plastic"

Recognising the need for a Food Safe X-Ray Visible/Detectable Engineering Plastic and coupled with the increasing popularity of X-Ray Detector/Inspection Machines within the Food & Pharmaceutical Industries Detectamet have specifically developed “Detectathene Super XD Plastic” this New and Innovative material is a combination of a unique engineering polymers plus a Special Food Safe X-Ray Visible/Detectable Additive.

The base polymer of Detectathene Super XD has for many years been used extensively within the Food & Pharmaceutical / Packing Industries because of it`s unique properties and characteristics i.e Low Friction, High Abrasion Resistance, Nil Moisture Absorption Rate, Good Impact Resistance and able to withstand extremely cold temperatures (approx -260 degrees Celsius ). These properties make it an ideal choice within the Food Industry for applications such as Wear Strips, Machined Scrapers, Bearings, Bushes, Liners for Chutes & Hoppers, Chain Guides & Guide Rails etc.

Detectathene Super XD Plastic is available in several Sheet Sizes and Gauges plus in 1 metre long semi finished Round Bars, Detectamet can also provide bespoke machined parts in this New and Revolutionary Material.

Detectamet are confident by providing this unique material they are again offering food companies etc opportunity to illustrate the use of all due diligence.

This exciting development is part of Detectamet`s ongoing strategy of continuing to expand its presence through the development of new and innovative products for existing customers as well as developing new products for new markets.

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