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**NEW** Fully Detectable Multi-Purpose Containers



Disinfectant Wipes
Disinfectant Wipes
Disinfectant Wipes
Disinfectant Wipes
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Large Multi Purpose Container 433-S091-Pxx
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**NEW** Fully Detectable Multi-Purpose Containers

Detectamet Multi Purpose Storage Container which are Metal and X-ray Detectable. If they get mislaid and broken up into finished products then the detection systems at the end of the packing line will identify and reject the products before they get to the retailer.

This storage container can be used not only for Disinfectant/Probe wipes but for several other storage opportunities such as; Stationary, Cable ties, Engineering equipment and other tools that just need a presentable container to protect against environmental hazards.

The combination of detectable packaging and ready to use disinfectant wipes ticks several boxes within the requirement of a food HACCP management system and within the requirement of a health and safety system. The specification of ready to use wipes obviates the risks of mixing dangerous, excessively strong or ineffectively weak chemicals and saves money on the labour costs of mixing, dosing or dispensing of chemicals.

Detectamet has also designed a range of Detectable Wipe Stations that can hold one or two tubs of wipes and can be mounted on a wall. These will help to keep the work areas free of clutter and further reduce the risk of mislaying the tubs and the possibility of contamination. These are also available in nine different colours.

  • • Colour Coded for visual detection
  • • Own Branding available
  • • Available in Colours Blue,Red,Green & Yellow

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