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Fully Detectable Refill - Blue Standard Ink 100-I51
Fully Detectable Refill - Black Standard Ink 100-I52




Disclaimer: Detectamet recommend all products be tested in your environment to ascertain suitability. Information is supplied in good faith without warranty


Patent Pending Metal Detectable and X-ray Visible Pen Refills. Detectamet - Innovation in Detectablility


Standard ball point refills have a small end stop made from non-detectable plastic which carries the risk of potential physical contamination of product within food and pharmaceutical production environments.


Detectamet's long established reputation of detectable innovation has provided a solution, by developing the patent pending fully detectable ink refill which is now being incorporated exclusively into Detectamet's market leading detectable pen range.


The complete ink cartridge, both the body and the end stop, are now made from our proven Metal Detectable and X-Ray Visible Plastic. Putting you in complete control of open product areas.


The BRC 'Global standards for food safety' section states that: "Pens used in open product areas shall be controlled to minimise the risk of physical contamination (e.g. designed without small parts and detectable by foreign-body detection equipment)".


With the introduction of the fully detectable plastic ink refill, Detectamet's range of detectable pens are the only pens available that can claim to be fully detectable by foreign-body detection equipment.


The Fully Detectable Pen Refills are currently available in Blue and Black Ink (Red and Green ink will be available shortly) and are sutable for the following Detectamet range of pen housings:


- Detectable Retractable Housing. Available with or without pocket clip

- Detectable Retractable Housing with Lanyard Attachment

- Stainless Steel Retractable Housing. Available with or without pocket clip

- One piece Metal Housing.


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