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Detectable Ear Plugs available in Blue and Red.
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Fully Detectable Reusable Corded Earplugs - 2 Flange


Fully Detectable ReusableCorded Earplugs - 3 Flange




Disclaimer: Detectamet recommend all products be tested in your environment to ascertain suitability. Information is supplied in good faith without warranty


Fully Metal Detectable & X-Ray Visible Corded Ear Plugs.

Manufactured by Detectamet these are the ultimate in detectable earplug technology. The sonar earplugs have all the comfort and design features of the silent fit with the additional feature of being Metal Detectable and X-Ray Visible.

Designed for the food and pharmaceutical industry this patented product is totally detectable and unlike other earplugs which depend on metal inserts such as metal clips or ball bearings, Sonar earplugs & cords remain detectable if fragmented in the manufacture process.

Detectamet Detectable Ear Plugs are 100% fully metal detectable & X-ray visible, including the cord.

* Pressure Adjustability
* 24 SNR Two Flange Silicone insert
   (Patented product No. 1006968.)
* 24 SNR Three Flange Silicone insert.
*Replaceable Earplug Inserts
*SNR rating in excess of 20 gives adequate protection for   most factory environments.
* Lightweight 11 grams
* Hygenic - No absorption of contamination into plug inserts
* Comfort - extremely comfortable and suitable for either   short or long periods of use in noisy areas
* Flanges on band: ensure plugs are not in contact with any    contamination when laid down in thework place.
* Cord Length 62cm as standard. Other lengths available on    request.

The two flange patented design exerts only sufficient pressure within the ear canal to ensure the required acoustic seal. The three flange offers even more protection.

Please note that our 3 flange insert is a design based on the 2 flange and is for customers who want a longer lead on the 2 flange. Technically the top flange on the plug is not a flange.

Designed to give a flat attenuation performance curve in low frequencies. i.e. 125Hz - 1000Hz

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Further Information :

Contains no Latex.

Designed for maximum user comfort meeting the requirements of EN352-2 and CE-Marked in accordance with European Directive 89/686/EEC.

It is important yours hands are clean before handling the plugs.
Place one hand across the top of your head and slightly raise the opposite outer ear (pinna), this will open the ear canal to allow the plug to be inserted (the plugs should be inserted as deep as possible) holding your mouth open will help with insertion.

Always remove slowly with a slight twisting action.

To prevent cross contamination, it is recommended to tie a knot at one end of the cord to designate its use in a specific ear. The protectors can also be supplied with a blue plug one end, red the other for identification.

After use the plugs can be washed in mild detergent and should be thoroughly dried before re-use.

**New** Detectamet Food Safe Detectable Plastic Ear plug Storage Box

The box is manufactured from our unique high impact resistant metal detectable plastic, it  has 3 drain holes (2 in the bottom and 1 in the top) to assist with drainage once the earplugs have been washed etc.

Available Branded or Unbranded (Minimum Order Quantities apply for own branded)

Colors = Blue & Red

Can accommodate Split Ring & Safety Chain attachments

Remember:         Keep it clean – Stop infection.

Tel:       0044 (0)1759 304 200     www.detectamet.com

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