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Metal & X-Ray Detectable Products

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Detectable Stationery Products

Color Coded Detectable


(incl. Detectable Pens & Pencils)

Whats New In Blue? Latest Metal Detectable Products

Detectable Plastic Storage, Mixing & Handling Equipment

Metal Detctable Tags & Labels

Color Coded Detectable Tags & Labels

Detectable Safety Knives

Color Coded Detectable

Safety Knives

Detectable Professional Knives and

Cutting / Chopping Boards


Color Coded Detectable

Food Safe Detectable Plasters

Detectable Plasters

Hearing Protection


Color Coded Detectable Zip Ties


Metal Detector & X-Ray Detection Test Pieces


Color Coded Detectable Brushes


Bespoke Detectable Products


Metal Detectable



Detectable Food Grade Engineering Plastic


Metal Detectable Modular Belting


Polythene Tote Bin Covers


Detectable Polyurethane Food Belt


Food Safe X-Ray Detectable Plastic

Detectable Silicone Rubber

Metal Detectable O-Rings


Metal Detectable Hammer/Mallet

Stainless Steel Storage, Mixing & Handling Equipment

Alcohol Free Disinfectant & Probe Wipes


Color Coded Multi Purpose Containers