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Coarse Dust Protection Safety Goggles CK 4303




Disclaimer: Detectamet recommend all products be tested in your environment to ascertain suitability. Information is supplied in good faith without warranty


Safety Goggles for protection against coarse dust.


High quality full view goggles with adjustable elastic head strap. The clear transparent frame is specially designed to offer an excellent all-round view. Due to the ultra-soft material, the coarse dust goggles are comfortable to wear and avoids pressure marks.


Our goggles have all been tested by the renowned environmental institute ECO for phtalates (plasticizers) and received excellent results. The only detected phtalate was Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phyalate (DEHP) with 9 mg/kg which is a very low value (the official limit value of phtalates in toys is 1.000 mg/kg).

  • Modern and sportive design with good all-round view
  • Wide soft facial flange for perfect fit
  • Can be easily combined with helmets and respiratory masks
  • Can be worn over most prescription spectacles
  • Direct ventilation
  • Clear-transparent frame with ergonomic sealing lip
  • Clear-transparent polycarbonate lens
  • Optional: anti-fog or anti-scratch
  • Protects from coarse dust
  • Optical class 1.
  • Mechanical resistance: Frame: F, Lens: B.

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