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A Safebox will fit in any coat or trouser pocket.

The Used Blade Container is for the collection and disposal of the used blade s previously stored in the Safebox.

The Dispenser is the safest place to store new blades - before they are taken out and fitted in the safety cutter.



Used blades should never be dropped in a waste bin - they should be stored in the Detectamet Safebox, a simple innovation for the storage and disposal of used blades.


Used Blade Container

Designed for SAFE collection of used blades and once completely filled final disposal.


Always remember: Carelessly discarded blades represent an imminent risk of injury to one and all! Once FULL, screw the lid to the point where the red lock pin engages = the container is now SAFE for disposal. Loose packed item. Sized: 100 x 100 x 210 mm.








Blade Bin DTM 0330
Safe Box DTM 0331



Disclaimer: Detectamet recommend all products be tested in your environment to ascertain suitability. Information is supplied in good faith without warranty

Safety Products - Safety Box. Why choose Detectamet Safety Knives and Accessories?


Even the slightest thoughtlessness, when cutting cardboard boxes for example, can instantly lead to serious injuries; less dramatic consequences are, of course, also feasible. The design of many cutters forces the user into unnatural and strained handling postures which exposes the tendons and ligaments of the arm to undue stressing conditions. Immense expenditures caused by job-related accidents of your employees are the logical consequence!

Holsters keep your safety cutters conveniently ready for use and are a highly recommended accessory. When cutters are used correctly, injuries from cuts in the workplace become a thing of the past. Safety mechanisms protect your hands and body from inadvertent contact with the blade.


Replace blunt blades with sharp ones regularly because otherwise you will have to keep increasing the pressure on the knife to cut through the material.


This also increases the force with which the blade may cut you in the event of an accident.


Any and all so-called safety cutters should meet the following minimum requirements:

  • automatic Blade edge protection when things get out of control
  • safe Blade change without any undue cutting risks
  • cutter handles/bodies designed to remain safe when laid down
  • solidly mounted Blade