Heavy Duty Snow Shovels Now In Stock



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Heavy Duty Snow Shovels Now in Stock

Detectamet Heavy Duty Snow Shovels, Scoops & Pushers

Don't get stuck in the snow this winter!

Detectamet's Heavy Duty Snow Shovel is a great tool to have to hand when faced with clearing snow from driveways and paths.

The scoop is manufactured from tough durable plastic with a steel reinforced edge. Measuring 440mm wide by 400mm deep and featuring two handles on the long, robust wooden shaft makes clearing paths and driveways a doddle.

Don't wait until it's white and crisp and even outside, order yours today to ensure you're not stuck in the show this winter.

Personalise Your Snow Shovel

Snow shovels make a great Christmas gift for your family and friends, and Detectamet can now offer laser engraving to make your present more personal.

You will not be able to get a snow shovel of this quality for a cheaper price, and if your in the York area you can save on postage and packing by calling in to our shop and picking up your snow shovel.

Please contact our Sales Office on Toll Free 1-844-820-7244 or email sales@us.detectamet.com for further information.

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