**NEW** Retractable Lanyard for ID Card, Pens & Keys



Retractable Detectable Badge Reel


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**NEW** Retractable Detectable Badge/Key Lanyard

The Retractable Key/ID/Badge/Swipe Card Holder is a fantastic way to keep your ID Card/ keys attached to your clothing and have them handy when you need them. It has a strong and durable construction to securely hold your keys, ID card and anything else you need to keep handy.

Security is of constant concern in the food industry. Restricting access to sensitive and high risk areas not only protects a company's integrity, but it also protects the food products, the consumer and of course the company's brand reputation. The heart of the swipe card holder concept is security. By offering a means of identifying the holder helps to assure the observer and protect the business.

Swipe Card access systems are a popular, simple and effective way to control access into and within any commercial buildings in the food and pharmaceutical industries. A simple swipe or proximity card is presented to a card reader located outside the door and the card is read by the reader to instruct the unlocking of the door for a predetermined time.

Use your Detectable Pen with Detectamet's Retractable Lanyard which are ideal for several different working environments waiters, waitresses, warehouse opperatives or anyone who just wants a pen handily available.

Such industries need to control access to certain areas of the process where their products are particularly vulnerable to accidental or even deliberate contamination.

Latest upgrades to the Detectamet range of detectable swipe card holders now offer more security and more convenience benefits to users. The positioning of the lanyard attachment points allow the holders to be used for either upright or horizontal swipe cards.

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