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Stainless Steel Zip Tie Mounts







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Suitable for the secure fixing of cables, tubing, conduits and pipes within the most arduous of environments. Providing a complete fastening and fixing solution when used in conjunction with stainless steel ties up to 10.0 mm width. They are ideal for use within shipbuilding, oil and gas (offshore), industrial machinery and vehicles, food and beverage, power, renewable energy and process industries.

  • • 2-way fixing for stainless steel zip ties
  • • High performance stainless steel 316 material
  • • 10mm slot width
  • • Single 4mm, 5mm or 6mm fixing hole
  • • Heavy duty design
  • • Robust and durable solution
  • • Resistant to a range of materials and conditions
  • • Quick and easy to install
  • • Safe and secure solution for cables, tubing, conduits and pipes
  • • Ideal for a range of industries and applications.

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