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**NEW** Stainless Steel Fork

Stainless Steel's beneficial properties have led to its application throughout the food chain. From food processing and brewing, through distribution and storage to serving food, installing Detectamet stainless steel equipment brings unique benefits to the food and pharmaceutical industry.


  • Tough and durable stainless steel makes these forks ideal for moving bulk materials

  • Electropolished finish enhances corrosion resistance; improve surface finish and ease of cleaning

  • Overall lengths range from 44" to 60"

  • Tine lengths range from 6 1/2" to 12"

One of the great advantages of our Detectamet stainless steel range is that it imparts no taste to the food/products that is prepared on it. Typical uses include kitchens, dairies, ham curing and fish storage. The grades used by Detectamet are 304, for ambient temperatures and low acid concentrations, and 316 for harsher environments. For example 304 is used in cheese and dairy production, but where salted (ham) products is being prepared 316 is used. In ice cream production /processing 316 is specified because strong anti-bacteriological cleaning and rinsing systems are used.

A further advantage is that stainless steel is resistant to damage caused by condensation cycles in high humidity areas such as kitchens etc.

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